Training Course

Survival analysis: modelling time-to-event data

- | 10:15 - 17:00
Location: UCL Economics Department
Tutor: Stephen P. Jenkins

This course is an introduction to survival analysis, also known as 'event history analysis'. These are the statistical methods used to analyse data on spell lengths of time in a state, e.g. how long a marriage lasts, or the duration of a spell of unemployment. For simplicity, the course focuses on models for a single spell per observation unit, but the course also indicates how analysis is extended to address the issues arising when there are multiple spells per unit or multiple destinations ('competing risks').

Training Course

Introduction to impact assessment

| 09:45 - 17:00
Location: Institute for Fiscal Studies
Tutor: Thomas Crossley Institute for Fiscal Studies, University of Essex

The course will introduce the various quantitative methods that can be used to estimate the causal impact of a policy intervention. The aim is to give participants an understanding of the suitability of these empirical methods given the nature of the policy under consideration and the available data.

Training Course

Policy evaluation methods

- | 10:00 - 13:30
Location: UCL Economics Department
Tutor: Barbara Sianesi Institute for Fiscal Studies

This course deals with the econometric and statistical tools that have been developed to estimate the causal impact on one or more outcomes of interest of any generic ‘treatment’ – from government programmes, policies or reforms, to the returns to education, the impact of unionism on wages, or of smoking on own and children's health.

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