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Launch of the IFS Deaton Review


We have now launched the IFS Deaton Review, a comprehensive five-year study of inequalities in society funded by the Nuffield Foundation. The review will be led by Nobel Prize-winning economist Sir Angus Deaton and a panel comprised of world-leading experts in economics, sociology, demography, philosophy, political science and epidemiology. The project will draw on a range of diverse perspectives to understand inequalities in income, wealth, health, social mobility, political participation and more. As well as deepening our understanding of inequalities in the twentieth-first century, the review aims to provide solutions.

In a speech at the launch of the review, Sir Angus Deaton said that, ‘what we would like to do in this review…is to get a better understanding of exactly what it is that bothers people about inequality. We will also think about how we might address concerns about inequality and which concerns need to be addressed.’

Find out more about the review here.