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Our goal at the Institute for Fiscal Studies is to promote effective economic and social policies by better understanding how policies affect individuals, families, businesses and the government's finances.

IFS Inequality Deaton review banner
HM Treasury has announced that it will set departmental budgets for the coming financial year, 2020−21, in September. A full multi-year spending review has been pushed back to 2020.
The richest members of our society get a lot of attention. Much of the public conversation about economic inequality is concerned with, loosely, the top 1%, how different they are from the rest, how they got to where they are, and what – if anything – policy should do about it.
Our new PM and Chancellor have pledged big spending increases before they know the shape and cost of Brexit. "We really should be consigning austerity to history, but we are in danger of talking our way into another dose of it", writes Paul Johnson.
Members of the IFS Deaton Review panel will meet at the 34th Congress of the European Economic Association in Manchester to discuss recent changes in inequalities and the challenges for economics and for policy.


Upcoming event
Date 19 September 2019 | 10:00 - 12:00
Location Church House Conference Centre, London
Availablity Places available
At this event, IFS researchers will be launching their second annual report on education spending in England, supported by the Nuffield Foundation. This will provide consistent measures of day-to-day spending per pupil in England across the four main stages of education stretching back to the early 1990s.
Upcoming event
Date 23 September 2019 | 14:30 - 15:30
Location Hilton Metropole, Brighton
Availablity Places available
The Institute for Fiscal Studies, the Chartered Institute of Taxation and the Institute for Government are organising joint panel discussions at the main party conferences this autumn, looking at the end of austerity and the spending review.
Upcoming event
Date 26 September 2019 | 18:30 - 20:00
Location The Royal Society, London
Availablity Places available
We’re pleased to announce that Professor Pinelopi (Penny) Koujianou Goldberg, Chief Economist of the World Bank Group, will give the 2019 IFS Annual Lecture on the unequal effects of globalisation.

Publications and research

In the UK, tax revenues as a share of national income are high by historical standards but lower than in many other developed countries. So how do other countries raise more in tax than the UK?
Professor Imran Rasul, Co-director of the ESRC Centre for the Microeconomic Analysis of Public Policy at IFS and Professor of Economics at University College London, has been elected a Fellow of the British Academy.
We have established a new partnership between academics, local government and early years practitioners to develop, implement and evaluate a home-visiting programme for parents with very young children in England.
Business owners have been the fastest-growing part of the UK labour force since at least 2000. Between 2000–01 and 2015–16, the number of employees grew by 15%, while self-employment (including those operating as a sole trader or as a partner in a partnership) grew by 25% and the number of directors of companies with at most two directors more than doubled.
This weekend the state pension age, for both men and women, rose to 65 years and five months. It will continue to rise every couple of months until it reaches 66 in October next year.
This weekend, on Saturday 6th July, the state pension age rises again, to 65 years and 5 months. This means that some with low incomes must wait longer to receive Pension Credit.

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