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Globalisation, innovation and productivity
Date started: 01 July 2007
Firms operate globally, undertaking research and producing and selling products and services in many locations. As a result, productivity, welfare and growth in the UK depends not only on what firms do within the national boundaries of the UK, but also on what they do abroad. While innovative activity has traditionally been thought of as one of the least mobile activities, firms are increasingly relocating innovative activity abroad.

IFS research addresses the extent to which firms from different countries have relocated their innovative activities offshore. We consider the main determinants of firms' decisions over where to locate innovative activity and how the benefits from innovative activities vary when these activities are carried out in different geographical locations. We raise the question as to what the increasing globalisation implies for policy in the UK and EU.

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15 May 2012
This presentation was given at the University of Munich on 15 May 2012.
04 September 2011
IFS Working Papers
In this paper we provide evidence that the growth in Chinese patenting activity has been accompanied by a growth in Chinese inventors creating technologies that are near to the science base.
04 January 2010
IFS Working Papers
The theoretical effects of labour regulations such as employment protection legislation on innovation is ambiguous, and empirical evidence has thus far been inconclusive.
04 November 2008
IFS Working Papers
In this paper we use new data to describe how firms from 15 European countries organise their innovative activities.


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