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IFS receives support from the ESRC to publish a monthly press release comparing the growth in receipts and spending over the year to date with what is implied by the latest Treasury forecast for the year as a whole. The aim is to improve the quality of debate on the public finances by complimenting the analysis produced by city economists.

The press release is distributed free of charge to journalists, civil servants and anyone who requests it. They are published online on the press release pages. To sign up to receive these as email alerts, contact Bonnie Brimstone .


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21 March 2014

IFS analysis of March's public finance figures.

21 February 2014

IFS analysis of February's public finance figures.

22 January 2014

IFS analysis of January's public finance figures.

20 December 2013

IFS analysis of December's public finance figures.

21 November 2013

IFS analysis of November's public finance figures.

22 October 2013

IFS analysis of October's public finance figures.

20 September 2013

IFS analysis of September's public finance figures.

21 August 2013

IFS analysis of August's public finance figures.

19 July 2013

IFS analysis of July's public finance figures.

21 June 2013

IFS analysis of June's public finance figures.

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