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Health and healthcare
Research in this area encompasses both healthcare systems and individual health. Work on healthcare systems focuses on the increased use of market mechanisms within the NHS. We examine the responses of patients, GPs, and other healthcare workers to market incentives, and the impacts upon recorded NHS activity and hospital outcomes.

Work on health has included: cross country differences in life-expectancy; the socioeconomic-health gradient, health and wellbeing amongst the older population; the effects of intra-uterine health shocks on childhood development; and, the relationship between drug enforcement and hospital admissions.

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Year: 304 publications
11 June 2014
Ruth Hubbard, Victoria Goodwin, David Llewllyn, Kyrstal Warmoth and Iain Lang
07 April 2014
Rachel Griffith, Michal Krol and Kate Smith
This presentation was given at the Royal Economic Society Conference 2014 in Manchester, 7-9 April 2014
31 March 2014
This paper was given at an IFS work in progress seminar in March 2014
13 January 2014
This paper considers whether households cut back on food spending to finance the additional cost of keeping warm during spells lf unseasonably cold weather.
08 January 2014
01 January 2014
This video and accompanying presentation slides draw on material given in a presentation to economics students, as part of a public economics series of lectures in December 2013 at the Institute for Fiscal Studies.
01 January 2014
16 December 2013
This presentation was given at the IFS Public Economic Lectures on 16 December 2013 in London.
16 December 2013
This presentation was given at the IFS Public Economic Lectures on 16 December 2013 in London.
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Impact on Society
IFS research has contributed to consultation with governments in developing countries on the design of health and welfare programmes.
IFS researchers developed a cost-effective intervention to improve child development in Colombia.
In a tough economic climate IFS looks at how households are able to cope.
IFS develops data on food prices and nutrition to build capacity for policy-relevant social science research.
This survey was among the first to use PDAs for data collection in rural Africa.
IFS researchers working in Malawi trained interviewers in the use of PDAs, helping to collect more complete and accurate information about people's lives.
IFS evaluated the Pathways to Work programme. This work proved key to the policy debate about how to get disability benefit claimants in work.
Research told policymakers that, despite greater expenditure on health care, Americans are less healthy than their English counterparts.