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Education and skills
Our research considers the determinants and effectiveness of educational investments across the lifecycle, from early childcare and pre-school education, through to primary and secondary schools, post-compulsory schooling, higher education and adult learning.

Our overarching aim is to understand the relative effectiveness of different policy interventions aimed at promoting human capital investment. To this end, we have a wide range of research and policy evaluation projects underway.

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Year: 120 publications
10 April 2014
This report updates and extends the previous IFS work to examine the consequences of these changes for graduates.
06 March 2014
This paper provides causal estimates of the effect of teacher pay on pupil attainment using a sharp geographical discontinuity in teacher salaries.
01 January 2014
This video and accompanying presentation slides draw on material given in a presentation to economics students, as part of a public economics series of lectures in December 2013 at the Institute for Fiscal Studies.
27 June 2013
This presentation was given at the IFS analysis of the government's Spending Review on 27 June 2013.
22 February 2013
Gillian Walnes and Heather Boyce
This study examines the effect of a typical Anne Frank Scotland project on White-British 11 and 12 year olds.
17 December 2012
Slides and Audio from the presentation given at the IFS Public Economics Lecture series, December 2012
02 December 2012
Presentation given at the House of Commons on 2 December 2012
08 November 2012
Article published in 'Britain in 2013 - the nation in focus'
18 October 2012
This presentation was delivered on 18 October 2012 at an ESRC conference, 'Social mobility and Equality: early years, education and transition to the labour market'.
02 October 2012
The Government’s controversial reforms to higher education funding - involving an increase in the cap on tuition fees to £9,000 per year and the removal of most direct funding for universities - have this month been implemented. However, the new system is substantially more progressive than its predecessor, as the richest graduates are likely to repay ten times as much as the poorest, and would even pay back more than the value of what they borrowed. Here we summarise IFS research assessing who wins and who loses from these reforms.
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Impact on Society
We analysed the impact of the 2006 HE funding reforms and informed the surrounding debate.
We provided evidence to the Browne Review of higher education funding about the impact of a number of higher education finance reforms.