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Researchers at IFS carry out ongoing analysis of the government's fiscal position. After each Pre-Budget Report, Budget and Spending Review, we publish analysis of the Chancellor's proposals and reforms as well as of the public finances.

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Year: 267 publications
26 January 2005
Robert Chote, Carl Emmerson and Zoë Oldfield
The Green Budget analyses the options for the Chancellor in his March Budget.
21 January 2005
Robert Chote, Carl Emmerson and Christine Frayne
10 December 2004
Carl Emmerson and Christine Frayne
The Pre-Budget Report claimed that the chancellor would meet his Golden Rule with billions of pounds to spare.
02 December 2004
Robert Chote, Carl Emmerson and Christine Frayne
We outline and comment on the public finances in the Pre-Budget Report.
02 December 2004
Lorraine Dearden, Director of the Centre for Early Years and Education Research at IFS, comments on the main proposals.
29 November 2004
Robert Chote
When Gordon Brown delivers his Pre-Budget Report on Thursday, he may take a moment or two to remind us - however subtly - that the economy is now embarked on its fiftieth successive quarter of growth.
01 November 2004
Carl Emmerson and Christine Frayne
As the election approaches, the tax debate is hotting up.
01 September 2004
Sarah Love
The 2004 spending review was never likely to contain any surprises.
23 July 2004
Carl Emmerson and Sarah Love
Although Gordon Brown presented last week's spending review with confidence about the feasibility of his aims, the government's strategy has risks - that the planned efficiency gains may not materialise at the scale or the speed envisaged.
09 July 2004
Christine Frayne and Sarah Love
Gordon Brown's fourth Spending review will be unveiled on Monday.
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Impact on Society
An IFS economist advised a “Citizens Jury” on the welfare system, including basic facts and important issues about its purpose and structure.
IFS researchers assessed the government’s fiscal rules and advised policymakers as to how they could be made more credible.
In light of Government objectives to increase environmental taxation, we investigate whether the UK tax system is becoming more or less ‘green’.
Public spending analysis stokes public debate and prompts increased transparency over government’s plans for spending cuts.
The IFS played a key role in informing the public during the 2010 election campaign. Our comments on the parties’ tax plans were quoted by the party leaders in their debates.
IFS recommendations for presenting fiscal forecasts are being taken up by the new Office for Budget Responsibility.
IFS researchers have evaluated whether the temporary VAT cut was able to boost the economy effectively.