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Development economics
Research in this area at IFS is committed to identifying success and failures in interventions and to promoting best practice in evaluating and conducting interventions. In particular, the Centre will be a focal point for research on the impact of specific interventions in health, nutrition, skill acquisition, education, credit, insurance and labour. It will conduct evaluations of specific interventions in developing countries, provide support to institutions conducting evaluations, engage in advocacy on best practice in terms of evaluations and on the design of interventions itself.

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Year: 151 publications
11 December 2006
Orazio Attanasio and Alice Mesnard
This paper studies the impact of a conditional cash transfer programme in Colombia on the total consumption of very poor households and on its components.
01 November 2006
Manuela Angelucci, Giacomi De Giorgi, Marcos Rangel and Imran Rasul
01 August 2006
10 July 2006
Orazio Attanasio, Emla Fitzsimons, Ana Gomez, Martha Isabel Gutiérrez, Costas Meghir and Alice Mesnard
The paper studies the effects of Familias en Acción, a conditional cash transfer programme implemented in rural areas in Colombia in 2002, on school enrolment and child labour.
26 June 2006
Ouarda Merrouche
This paper uses unique district level data on landmine contamination intensity in Cambodia combined with individual survey data to evaluate the long run cost of Cambodia's 30 years war (1970-1998) on education levels and earnings.
01 April 2006
The question is how can policymakers best finance and allocate scarce resources to increase education levels in developing countries?
18 March 2006
17 January 2006
Orazio Attanasio, Emla Fitzsimons, Ana Gomez, Diana Lopez, Costas Meghir and Alice Mesnard
This research is part of a large evaluation effort, undertaken by a consortium formed by IFS, Econometria and SEI, which has considered the effects of Familias en Acción on a variety of outcomes one year after its implementation.
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Impact on Society
IFS research has contributed to consultation with governments in developing countries on the design of health and welfare programmes.
IFS researchers develop a model of the Mexican tax system that will be used by the Mexican Government analysts.
IFS researchers developed a cost-effective intervention to improve child development in Colombia.
IFS researchers and the World Bank plan to develop capacity and tools in developing countries for the comprehensive analysis of tax reforms
Researchers at IFS have advised OPORTUNIDADES on the design and evaluation of new scholarships, and are carrying out its impact evaluation.
This survey was among the first to use PDAs for data collection in rural Africa.
IFS researchers working in Malawi trained interviewers in the use of PDAs, helping to collect more complete and accurate information about people's lives.