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Education and skills
Education and skills   Our research considers the determinants and effectiveness of educational investments across the lifecycle, from early childcare and pre-school education, through to primary and secondary schools, post-compulsory schooling, higher education and adult learning.

Our overarching aim is to understand the relative effectiveness of different policy interventions aimed at promoting human capital investment. To this end, we have a wide range of research and policy evaluation projects underway.

Research projects
Date started: 09 October 2013
This project will analyse the earnings of graduates over the first decade or so of their working lives. The aim is to better understand the full distribution of graduate earnings by institution attended and subject area, and consequently to understand the implications of improving access to higher education in terms of students’ future earnings.
Date started: 01 May 2013
Our research aims to provide crucial and robust new evidence on the longer-term impact and cost-effectiveness of teachers trained through different routes and is likely to have significant impact on both the academic and policy communities.
Date started: 29 June 2011
This project aims to inform the public policy debate on higher education funding and access.
Date started: 28 September 2010
Resources and analysis relating to the 2010 Spending Review.
Date started: 09 November 2009
This project evaluates a number of different scenarios for reforming student loans and grants.
Date started: 01 April 2006
By taking a life-cycle approach, starting in early childhood and moving through to compulsory schooling and beyond, this project will build a picture of the cumulative nature of educational attainment, assessing the relative importance of different factors at different stages in the lives of young people growing up in poverty.
Date started: 17 December 2004
The recent debate about Higher Education (HE) funding in the UK has lead to renewed discussion about the value of a university degree. In particular, funding arrangements that require students to pay for the cost of their education and/or maintenance over the course of their lifetimes, as well as the continued interest in the entry decision faced by students and the effects of funding changes on access to HE, have led to a need to evaluate the benefits of higher education over the course of a working lifetime.
Date started: 01 January 2003
We analyse the proposed and actual reforms made to the funding of Higher Education.
Date started: 01 October 2001
Centre for the Microeconomic Analysis of Public Policy (CPP)
Date started: 01 January 2001
This project analyses the government's Excellence in Cities project, which targets secondary schools in inner cities.