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Productivity and innovation
Productivity and innovation   At the heart of research in this area is the study of firm’s behaviour and the role of institutions and public policy. Research to date has covered several topics, including: the determinants of R&D, innovation and technology transfer; how firms are structured and why firms outsource or offshore activities; and what are the determinants and consequences of firms' location decisions. Work has included consideration of the role of the following on firms’ decisions and outcomes: corporate taxes; product and labour market regulation; planning regulations; the role of universities; agglomeration of activities; skills and wages.

Our work is mostly empirical, with a strong ground in economic theory and a focus on linking our empirical findings to practical policy issues. Our research is often used to help to better understand factors that underlie the UK's productivity performance and what determines differences in aggregate trends in productivity and innovation across industries and countries.

IFS research in this area examines the determinants of R&D, innovation, and technology transfer, in the context of increased globalisation.
Our research in this area considers where firms locate their activities and how such decisions are affected by the institutional and policy environment.
Our research looks at the factors that underlie the UK and other countries’ productivity performance.