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Pre-Budget Report 2009
Date started: 18 November 2009


The Chancellor delivered his Pre-Budget Report at 12.30pm on Wednesday 9th December.

A press release shows our initial reactions to the Pre-Budget report.

IFS held a briefing on Thursday 10th December. These are the presentations from the briefing:

Useful publications

Public finances

  • PBR 2009: filling in some details
    This presentation, delivered by Robert Chote, outlines what we might expect to hear in the Chancellor's PBR 2009 statement.
  • Britain's fiscal squeeze: the choices ahead
    With the next general election less than a year away, this note discusses some of the key public finance questions all the parties will have to grapple with.
  • Keeping official fiscal forecasts honest
    The Conservatives have said they would create a new independent body to forecast the public finances. Robert Chote examines the challenges such a body might face.
  • Recent comment and analysis
    IFS staff outline current concerns in recent newspaper articles, including in the Times and Public Finance magazine.
  • Monthly bulletins
    IFS bulletins examining the latest figures for how monthly tax revenues and government spending have evolved during 2009-10. These are updated on a monthly basis; the latest figures were released on 19th November 2009.

Public spending

  • A survey of public spending in the UK
    This Briefing Note provides an overview of public spending in the UK. It describes the components of public spending and examines trends in expenditure in each of six main areas.
  • How cold will it be? Prospects for NHS funding: 2011- 2017
    Although there is consensus that the NHS faces a tough financial future, there is no agreement about just how cold the financial climate will be. The King's Fund and the Institute for Fiscal Studies set out three plausible future funding scenarios and their consequences.

Personal taxes and living standards

Budget 2009 analysis

Researchers at IFS carry out ongoing analysis of the government's fiscal position. After each Pre-Budget Report, Budget and Spending Review, we publish analysis of the Chancellor's proposals and reforms as well as of the public finances.

Fiscal Facts

Fiscal Facts contains facts and figures about UK taxes, benefits and public spending. The tables give current and historical rates and thresholds for the main direct and indirect taxes, as well as benefit rates, numbers of claimants and expenditure levels.

There are also three regularly updated briefing notes:

Two further notes look at longer-term trends in tax and spending and the fiscal stance:
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09 December 2009
IFS Press Releases
Some initial reactions to the 2009 Pre-Budget Report from Mike Brewer, Robert Chote and Carl Emmerson.


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