Jonathan Shaw

Jonathan Shaw

Senior Research Economist


MPhil Economics, University of Cambridge, 2003

BA Economics, University of Cambridge, 2002

Jonathan is a Senior Research Economist at the IFS. His research focuses on the evaluation of education and labour market programmes, the incentive effects of taxation and the compliance costs of remitting taxes and claiming benefits. He is currently working on estimating the impact of tax credits on work and education choices.

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Money or fun? Why students want to pursue further education

| Working Paper

We study students’ motives for educational attainment in a unique survey of 885 secondary school students in the UK. As expected, students who perceive the monetary returns to education to be higher are more likely to intend to continue in full-time education. However, the main driver is the perceived consumption value, which alone explains around half of the variation of the intention to pursue higher education. Moreover, the perceived consumption value can account for a substantial part of both the socio-economic gap and the gender gap in intentions to continue in full-time education.

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