Andrew Hood
Andrew Hood
Research Economist

BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics (1st), Oxford, 2012

Andrew joined the IFS in 2012 and works in the Direct Tax and Welfare Sector. His current work includes simulating future levels of poverty and average incomes in the UK and the IFS's ongoing work on living standards and inequality


Pensioners are no longer worse off than the rest of the population – a triumph of decades of social policy

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Following David Cameron's announcement that universal pensioner benefits will again be protected, should the Conservative Party win the election, Andrew Hood examines the support given to pensioners in an article published in the Daily Telegraph. Over the past 30 years, pensioner incomes have caught up with those of non-pensioners. The data show very clearly that pensioners are now no more likely to be in poverty than the rest of the population. And after accounting for housing costs, the typical pensioner is now better off than the typical non-pensioner.

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