Wenchao (Michelle) Jin
Wenchao (Michelle) Jin
Research Economist

BA (Hons) Economics (1st), Cambridge University, 2010

MSc Economics (Distinction), University College London, 2013

Wenchao Jin joined the IFS in 2010 as a Research Economist in the skills and education sector. She has investigated recent reforms to the Higher Education funding regime, the effects of the National Minimum Wage on young people and on firms, and the impact of Universal Credit. Her current research interests are in the labour market and labour productivity since the great recession.

The rise and demise of the National Scholarship Programme: implications for university students

| Observations

There has been heated debate over the increase in tuition fees to £9,000 a year for many students that occurred in 2012. But another major change to the support for disadvantaged students was introduced at the same time: not only were universities required to provide details of their proposed financial support schemes and access programmes before they were allowed to charge fees above £6,000, but also the government introduced a National Scholarship Programme (NSP), designed to offer additional financial support to students via their universities. Here we provide an in-depth analysis of the financial support that universities have been offering since 2012 and the likely consequences now that the government has announced that the NSP will no longer provide support for undergraduate students from 2015.

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