Britta Augsburg

Dr Britta Augsburg

Senior Research Economist


PhD Social Protection Policy, University of Maastricht, 2008
Masters in Econometrics (Doctorandus in Econometrie), University of Maastricht, 2002
Propedeuse in Econometrics, University of Maastricht, 2000

Britta joined the research team in the IFS' Centre for the Evaluation of Development Policies (EDePo) in 2008. Her research focuses on microfinance, household investments decisions, subjective expectation data and program evaluation. She has extensive experience in the management of research projects and corresponding data collection, having managed a three-wave household survey in Anantapur, India (n=1,000) and a three-state evaluation study of a sanitation intervention delivered through microfinance institutions (n=6,000). Britta is an affiliated researcher at the United Nations University, Maastricht.

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Sanitation and child health in India

| Working Paper

This paper contributes to the understanding of key drivers of stunted growth, a factor widely recognized as major impediment to human capital development.

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