Rowena Crawford

Rowena Crawford

Associate Director


MSc Economics, University College London, 2011

BA Economics (1st Class), University of Cambridge, 2008

Rowena is an Associate Director in the Pensions and Public Finance sector. Her research interests include pensions and saving for retirement, while her recent work also includes analysis of UK public finances and public spending.


The new (not yet flat rate) state pension

| Observations

April 6th marks the first day of the new state pension: everyone reaching state pension age after today will accrue entitlement to, and claim, a state pension under the new rules. Legislated for by the coalition government in 2013, this is the most radical overhaul of state pension policy in the UK for decades. The new system will ultimately be much simpler than the complicated rules for calculating entitlement that are being replaced, but there will still be complexity in the short-run, and many may be disappointed not to receive the full ‘single tier’ or ‘flat-rate’ amount (£155.65 per week) that they might have started to expect.

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