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Alissa Goodman
Research Fellow
B.A. Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Balliol College, Oxford, 1993
M.Sc. Birkbeck College, London 1996

Alissa is a Research Fellow at the IFS. Her research interests cover a range of issues relating to education policy, inequality and poverty. Her current work is concerned with explaining the 'socio-economic gap' in child outcomes and in higher education participation; the importance of the development of cognitive and social skills in childhood for outcomes in adult life; and higher education funding policy. Her previous work has charted trends in income inequality, intergenerational income mobility, and child and pensioner poverty in the UK. She also has extensive experience in conducting a number of large-scale policy evaluations for government departments, including Education Maintenance Allowances, Employer Training Pilots, the Employment, Retention and Advancement demonstration, and Pathways to Work.

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