Gemma Tetlow
Gemma Tetlow
Programme Director

MSc Economics, University of Warwick, 2004
BSc Economics, University of Warwick, 2003

Gemma is programme director of the IFS' work on pensions, saving and public finances. Her research interests include pensions, savings, asset holding and health and their interactions with later life working. Her work also includes analysis of the UK's public finances and public spending.

Annuity buy-back: thoughts on the potential market and possible pitfalls for pensioners

| Observations

In his last Budget before the election, George Osborne announced a further liberalisation for those who have saved in defined contribution pensions. From April 2016, those who have purchased annuities will be able to sell them without facing the tax charges that currently apply. But who stands to be affected by this policy? Will they be able to make good decisions about whether or not to sell? And will there be anyone willing to buy their annuity from them? This Observation provides some initial thoughts and analysis to help assess what effect this policy might have.

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