Claire Crawford

Dr Claire Crawford

Research Fellow


PhD Economics of Education, Institute of Education, University of London, 2012
MSc Economics, University College London, 2004
BA (Hons) Economics (1st class), Lancaster University, 2003

Claire is a Research Fellow of the IFS and Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick.

She was previously Programme Director of the Skills sector at IFS. Her research interests focus on the determinants of educational attainment and HE participation, including the roles of socio-economic status, expectations and aspirations, month of birth and parents' marital status. She is particularly interested in how education policy can be used to improve the outcomes of children from disadvantaged backgrounds, and has played a leading role in the evaluations of a number of education programmes aiming to do just that, including on behalf of the Department of Education and the Education Endowment Foundation. She is also managing editor of Fiscal Studies.

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Selective education and university subject choice

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Fifty years ago, entry to state secondary schools in England was decided on the basis of an exam taken at age 11. Those with the highest scores – around 25% of the population – could go to grammar schools (selective state funded schools), while the rest would go to secondary moderns. Children educated at these different types of school followed different curricula and took different qualifications at age 16, and staying in education beyond this point was usually only open to those who had attended grammar schools.

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