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The Institute for Fiscal Studies is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. The aims of the Institute are to "advance education for the benefit of the public by promoting on a non-political basis the study and discussion of and the exchange and dissemination of information and knowledge concerning national economic and social effects and influences of existing taxes and proposed changes in fiscal systems".

The Institute employs directly some fifty staff based at its offices in London. Research staff are divided into sectors and a small core of administrative and secretarial staff provide support facilities. The Institute also employs a small number of senior academic staff seconded from UK universities on a part-time basis. In addition, a number of other academics from both UK and overseas institutions work with the staff as Research Fellows and Research Associates on an ad-hoc collaborative basis.

An Executive Committee is responsible for the appointment of the Director and for the overall financial well-being of the Institute. The Council gives advice on strategic matters involving finances and research. Enquiries about the Institute's financial or legal position should be addressed to the Chief Operating Officer, Andy Backhouse. A breakdown of IFS income by source in 2009 is available here.

Registered office

7 Ridgmount Street
London WC1E 7AE
Registered in London, number 954616, limited by guarantee
IFS is a registered charity, number 258815
VAT number: GB 394 5830 17