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Impact on Society
23 June 2011
Improving school attendance in Mexico
Impact on Society
IFS research on the impact of the Mexican Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program, Progresa/OPORTUNIDADES, on school attendance in rural areas attracted considerable interest from Mexican policymakers and was used to recommend changes to the structure of transfers to improve program impacts. OPORTUNIDADES has since implemented a large pilot for a new scheme of education grants in Puebla and Ecatepec to assess the proposed reforms. These eliminate the grants given to children in primary education and increase those given to students in secondary education. One of the variants additionally includes a bonus for school attainment, given directly to the student at the end of the school year.

IFS researchers are evaluating the impact of the new grant scheme on school attendance, school attainment and child nutrition, using randomised control trial techniques. To date, two waves of data have been collected.