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Aggregates and country comparisons

The tables below, showing fiscal aggregates for the UK, spending on benefits and comparisons of various aggregates between OECD countries, are regularly updated.

Two briefing notes are also available:

See also our monthly analyses of the government's public finance numbers.

Historical trends

The two papers below take a longer-term view of the UK fiscal stance and of trends in taxation and spending. They involve a historical perspective, so will not be updated on a regular basis.

  • Measuring UK fiscal stance since the Second World War
    June 2002
    In this note, the authors examine how we might measure the fiscal stance in terms of the scale of the public deficit. The paper also tries to isolate the effects of government policy as opposed to the economic cycle.
  • Long-term trends in British taxation and spending
    June 2002
    This briefing note looks at changes in levels of public spending since 1948, outlining where and in what ways the money has been spent. It also charts the levels and sources of tax revenue.
Since 1855-56
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International comparisons
Outlays, receipts, borrowing and debt
Last updated: September 2013
Outlays, receipts, borrowing and debt
Last updated: February 2011
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