ESRC Centre for the Microeconomic Analysis of Public Policy (CPP) at IFS

The ESRC Centre for Microeconomic Analysis of Public Policy is central to the research carried out and disseminated by IFS. The IFS as a whole seeks to carry out empirical microeconomic work of the highest quality and relevance, and to impact on policy and the public debate.   CPP logo

The ESRC Centre is fundamental to the Institute’s success. It provides the long-term funding that allows IFS to carry out groundbreaking independent research in economics and microeconometrics, and to invest in developing a unique range of models and datasets. It is only through ESRC Centre funding that the IFS is able to maintain the combination of impartiality, rigour and authority which are essential if we are to continue to achieve wide-ranging impact on policy and to inform the public debate. It ensures that any evidence given at a select committee, appearance on broadcast media or briefing to ministers or industry leaders is underpinned by deep, unbiased intellectual foundations.


The Centre has received funding from the ESRC for five years from autumn 2015. A launch event was held on Friday 15 October.


Centre funding contributes to the website, Microeconomic Insights, which is a home for accessible summaries of high quality microeconomic research which informs the public about microeconomic issues that are, or should be, in the public’s eye.

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Perceived weight discrimination and chronic biochemical stress: A population-based study using cortisol in scalp hair.

| Journal Articles

OBJECTIVE: There is increasing evidence for weight-based discrimination against persons with obesity. This study aimed to examine the physiological impact of perceived weight discrimination on cortisol in hair, an indicator of chronic stress exposure.

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Professor Sir Richard Blundell presents paper at AEA meeting 2017

Professor Sir Richard Blundell presented a paper at the annual meeting of the American Economic Association in Chicago.

In his presentation 'What We Have Learned From Structural Models' - Learning From Data in Economics (chaired by James Heckman, Chicago), Richard Blundell argues that reliable empirical policy research in economics acknowledges the importance of aligning structural models with reduced form evidence.

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IFS Green Budget 2017

| 10:00 - 13:15
Location: Guildhall

The IFS Green Budget 2017, in association with ICAEW and funded by the Nuffield Foundation, will analyse the issues and challenges facing Chancellor Phillip Hammond at his first Budget.

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