Centre for Analysis of Youth Transitions (CAYT)

The Centre is a collaboration between researchers from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, the Institute of Education and the National Centre for Social Research. The Centre's work is funded by the Department for Education.

High-attaining children from disadvantaged backgrounds

| External publications

In this report, we track the performance of high-achieving pupils from poor backgrounds through the education system and compare their trajectories with those of their more advantaged peers.

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The link between secondary school characteristics and university participation and outcomes

| CAYT reports

This report uses linked individual-level administrative data from schools and universities to document the relationships between a variety of secondary school characteristics of interest and higher education (HE) participation rates and university outcomes.

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Teens and toddlers project

| CAYT impact study

Teens and Toddlers is a youth development programme designed to raise the aspirations of young people by pairing them as a mentor and role model to a child in a nursery who is in need of extra support.

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