Centre for the Evaluation of Development Policies

The Centre for the Evaluation of Development Policies (EDePo) is a focal point for research on the impact of a range of specific development interventions and policy reforms in developing countries. It aims to promote best practice in the design, conduct and evaluation of development policies.

Should Cash Transfers Be Conditional? Conditionality, Preventive Care, and Health Outcomes

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We study a Conditional Cash Transfer program in which the cash transfers to the mother only depends on the fulfillment of the national preventive visit schedule by her children born before she registered in the programme.

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Marcos Vera-Hernandez interviewed about his prize-winning research

Marcos Vera-Hernandez, winner of the Royal Economic Society Prize for the best paper published in the Economic Journal 2013, was interviewed with his co-author about his research for the RES video shorts series. The video can be viewed here.

The prize winning article, Testing for Asymmetric Information in Private Health Insurance, can be downloaded for free.

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