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"As every government finds sometimes to its cost, [IFS is] an institution that is rigorous in research, proudly impartial and objective in analysis, forward-looking in the causes it adopts and fiercely independent - yielding to no-one, friend or foe, on its way."
Gordon Brown MP

"The Institute for Fiscal Studies... is almost certainly the most independent and authoritative voice in relation to much of the UK's tax and economic and social policy, and cannot be considered to be speaking from any particular self-interest."
David Laws MP

"The much respected independent Institute for Fiscal Studies."
George Osborne MP

"All the parties treat the Institute for Fiscal Studies as if it were the Bible."
Jonathan Dimbleby, Any Questions, Radio 4

"The country's most respected independent tax think-tank."
Ed Crooks and Christopher Adams, Financial Times

"Their independence is beyond doubt as all the main political parties recognise their expertise."
Evan Davis, BBC

"The most effective defence against dirty statistics is clean ones, ones issued or analysed by organisations like the Institute for Fiscal Studies which aren't trying to prove a point."
David McKie, The Guardian

"The IFS is studiously neutral when it comes to politics, which lends it extra value when the Government has swapped analysis for spin."
City Comment, Daily Telegraph

"The Institute's success is also in its way simple. First, it hires the brightest and the best..."
Lord Lipsey

"The IFS, often described as a "highly respected" or "leading" think tank, is not easily dismissed"
BBC News

"Britain's leading tax and spending experts"
Larry Elliot, The Guardian

"It has become known as the institution that tells you the truth about the Budget"
Philip Aldrick, Daily Telegraph

"Amidst the confusion, the IFS provides a clear and expert voice. In this crucial policy area, the IFS is the antidote to spin."
Liam Halligan, Channel 4 News

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